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No Mnstf Meeting this weekend, other upcoming events

There is no MnStf event this weekend. Please don't show up to one. Because this is a common Meeting Weekend, future events don't include an address to prevent such mishaps.

Upcoming MnStf Events will be:

Oct 8 - Irene & Scott Raun hosting in the Minneapolis Powderhorn neighborhood

October 14-16 MnStf Fallcon - DeCONgestant Pre-Registration deadline is this upcoming Sunday, September 25. Details can be found at the link. There will be cake.

For Fallcon - Please sign up for optional Saturday Dinner soon if you're interested. Pre-payment is not necessary but declarations of intent will help decide if this event will happen. I'd reasonably like to have at least 25 people signed up to make this worth the effort, so far I have 15. Details about how to sign up are on the Fallcon web page.

October 29 - Sharon and Richard hosting a Halloween Party in the Minneapolis Kingfield neighborhood

November 5 - Emily and Aaron hosting in the Saint Louis Park Birchwood neighborhood.

November 19 is AVAILABLE

December dates are AVAILABLE

A host is needed for New Year's Eve
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Concom Meeting/MnStf Gathering Sept 10, plus Fallcon information

The next MnStf social gathering is September 10th - 7765 Drew Ave N, Brooklyn Park. There will be a Minicon Concom meeting at the same location starting at 3PM. After the concom meeting, regular MnStf socializing will begin.

Smoking outside only, child-friendly but not child-proofed. Household includes a teen, one elderly easily confused non-fan, one free-roaming cat and one dog (will be kenneled or outside for the duration of the meeting). Outside and inside seating available, extra lawn chairs welcome. BBQ/firepit will be running, hot dog, buns, & condiments provided, bring other meats to cook if you wish. FFI contact Robin Severson, (612)643-0725 or (612)216-4020

At the Sept 10 event - If anyone would like to reserve a spot for the optional Saturday dinner at Fallcon, I will be available to take care of that at the MnStf portion of the evening, but I will probably not make it to the concom meeting. If you can only attend the concom meeting but still want to register, please talk to Aaron Vander Giessen.


See below the stars for more Fallcon information



Hotel rooms at Fallcon will be less expensive if they are reserved before September 14th, one week from today.

The optional Saturday dinner will again be Indian food, this time it will be catered by Tandoor in Bloomington.

MnStf's Fallcon has a web page and a FB page. Details about hotel reservation and the optional Saturday dinner are on the web page.


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Upcoming MnStf Social Events! Next is Aug. 6

MnStf "meetings" are social gatherings with board games and snacks. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This coming Sat, Aug 6's Minn-StF Meeting will be hosted by Irene Raun & Scott Raun. Their home is at 3928 11th Ave S in Minneapolis. The home contains dogs, smoking is okay outdoors. FFI; sraun@fireopal.org or realitychallenged@fireopal.org or 612-822-0451

Two weeks later on Sat, Aug 20, the meeting will be hosted by Sharon Kahn and Richard Tatge at their home affectionately known as "Dreampark." They live at 4002 Pillsbury Ave S in Minneapolis. No smoking. Smoking allowed outside on the back patio, please do not bring pets FFI: 612-827-3228.

September hosts are needed.

There will be a Fall Relaxacon on October 14-16, it will be called DeCONgestant. Follow the link for information about how to register, reserve a hotel room, or volunteer.


Steampunk Documentary ‘Vintage Tomorrows’ to be Released on July 19, 2016

Vintage Tomorrows was screened at Minicon 51 last Spring. According to Variety the steampunk documentary has been acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films, and will be released on July 19, 2016 in VOD, DVD and digital formats. It should be available via iTunes in the US, UK, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, the Philippines and a few other countries. It will also be streaming via Amazon in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. The DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon US at amzn.to/29il2nV.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VTomorrows

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The MnStf Picnic is this Saturday!

The annual MnStf picnic is scheduled for Saturday, July 16 from noon - 9pm.

We will be in Minnehaha Picnic Area #2 on the north side of Godfrey Pkwy (same place as the last several years), between Godfrey Parkway and Nawadaha Boulevard, about halfway between Minnehaha and 46th.

We have reserved the picnic area but people are still encouraged to come early to help save our location from squatters. Mnstf will provide soft drinks, snacks and condiments and will have a grill going. Please bring a dish to share or something for the grill. Games are encouraged, there are several picnic tables for gaming. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash.
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Links & a hashtag suggestion & notes re internet access (updated as I gather info)

Please do add anything you think I'm missing in comments and I'll update this post when I get a chance.

Useful Minicon 51 Links


Minicon on Facebook

List of Minicons Past, Present, and Future
- a future Minicon: Minicon 52

Twitter & Hashtags

twitter.com/minicon/ (Is this still under Joel P's control or is someone else running it? Anyone going to be updating it this weekend?) (Is possible nowadays to set up Twitter accounts so multiple people can update them, FWIW.)

twitter.com/mnstf/ (I've got the reins for now for @mnstf FWIW.)

I would humbly suggest "#Minicon51" as the hashtag for Twitter and elsewhere even though it's not as short as one might like. #M51 is likely too generic and might already be taken by something else and #Minicon also brings up other cons as well as toys and such.
- Search Twitter for #Minicon51


Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington - Minneapolis South (a.k.a. the RadiShTree)
- Hilton Honors Site (note: you can earn points & get some perks if you're a member; easy to sign up if you aren't already and plan to stay at the con hotel)

Internet Access

IIRC you can get internet access easily enough if you have a hotel room for free or an extra charge. Is free if you're a Hilton Honors member, also in previous years basic service was free with static IPs & other stuff costing $10 or so. I can update this once I'm at the hotel on Friday, but if someone has details before then let me know.

Anyone know the situation for access for people without hotel rooms?
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Programming emails sent

I sincerely believe that I've sent out all the programming schedule emails. If you believe that you should have received one and didn't, it's possible that we have an old email address for you, or it's possible that I made a mistake. Please feel free to let me know here or at programming@minicon51.mnstf.org