A jog down a garden path sentence. (mle292) wrote in minicon,
A jog down a garden path sentence.

Pool Party Announcement

Saturday February 11th - The annual MnStf Pool Party at the Bloomington Doubletree, 7800 Normandale Boulevard, room 215. There will be a Minicon Concom meeting at 3:00PM. First nominations for the MnStf board will be held at this meeting at 6:00PM.

Feel free to bring a beverage or food to share, your swimsuit, and table top games.

For questions or more information, or to offer help with this event, contact Mark Richards at mark dot t004 at merichards dot name ; Many thanks to Mark Richards for generously offering to host this event!

Please help keep the room clean so there's not tons to do for the few people who are still around late at night.
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