A jog down a garden path sentence. (mle292) wrote in minicon,
A jog down a garden path sentence.

MnStf Event This weekend

Unsurprisingly, a mere week after the end of October is the first Saturday in November. This upcoming Sat November 5 will be the next MnStf social event - Aaron and Emily Hosting - 2829 Alabama Ave S, Saint Louis Park, 55416.

Event begins at 4. We have several spaces that will be good for conversation or gaming, if you don't see what you're looking for right away, poke around until you find it. Gaming tables will probably be in the basement or on the second floor. There will be vegan chili, lamb stew, cake and cucumber water. I can't promise that anything will be left when you get here. Weather will be nice, there will be a small bonfire in the back, as it will be Guy Fawkes Day.

The closest regular bus is the #17, which stops at the Uptown Transit Station and runs all night. Home contains two cats, please do not bring your own animals. Feel free to bring a food or beverage to share, do not bring guns. Smoking is fine outdoors, ashtrays will be provided upon request. For questions, directions or other information, write to mle292 at gmail dot com or call 612-747-5990
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