A jog down a garden path sentence. (mle292) wrote in minicon,
A jog down a garden path sentence.

No Mnstf Meeting this weekend, other upcoming events

There is no MnStf event this weekend. Please don't show up to one. Because this is a common Meeting Weekend, future events don't include an address to prevent such mishaps.

Upcoming MnStf Events will be:

Oct 8 - Irene & Scott Raun hosting in the Minneapolis Powderhorn neighborhood

October 14-16 MnStf Fallcon - DeCONgestant Pre-Registration deadline is this upcoming Sunday, September 25. Details can be found at the link. There will be cake.

For Fallcon - Please sign up for optional Saturday Dinner soon if you're interested. Pre-payment is not necessary but declarations of intent will help decide if this event will happen. I'd reasonably like to have at least 25 people signed up to make this worth the effort, so far I have 15. Details about how to sign up are on the Fallcon web page.

October 29 - Sharon and Richard hosting a Halloween Party in the Minneapolis Kingfield neighborhood

November 5 - Emily and Aaron hosting in the Saint Louis Park Birchwood neighborhood.

November 19 is AVAILABLE

December dates are AVAILABLE

A host is needed for New Year's Eve
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