A jog down a garden path sentence. (mle292) wrote in minicon,
A jog down a garden path sentence.

Upcoming MnStf Social Events! Next is Aug. 6

MnStf "meetings" are social gatherings with board games and snacks. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This coming Sat, Aug 6's Minn-StF Meeting will be hosted by Irene Raun & Scott Raun. Their home is at 3928 11th Ave S in Minneapolis. The home contains dogs, smoking is okay outdoors. FFI; sraun@fireopal.org or realitychallenged@fireopal.org or 612-822-0451

Two weeks later on Sat, Aug 20, the meeting will be hosted by Sharon Kahn and Richard Tatge at their home affectionately known as "Dreampark." They live at 4002 Pillsbury Ave S in Minneapolis. No smoking. Smoking allowed outside on the back patio, please do not bring pets FFI: 612-827-3228.

September hosts are needed.

There will be a Fall Relaxacon on October 14-16, it will be called DeCONgestant. Follow the link for information about how to register, reserve a hotel room, or volunteer.

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