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'Spirited' has been Released!

Hi! For those of you who may have heard me mention it during the convention, I'm very pleased to announce the release today of my first full-length novel, 'Spirited!' as an e-book from Champagne Book Group!

Amelia Swenson’s plans for the weekend didn’t include a sexy djinni or saving the world from demons, but plans change. Her whole life changes when Amelia discovers the ring to which the handsome djinni is enslaved, and at the same time accidentally unleashes a demon into the world. The djinni, Al-Marid has been alone for   three thousand years—is it any wonder he falls for the woman who frees him? But Amelia's not prepared for  love, magic, or the evil creatures that threaten her friends and her world. Now she must face all of these, with  the help of her djinni, in an adventure that takes her to the ancient past, challenges her to open her heart again and reveals the world to be more miraculous than she had ever imagined.


The book is listed on the Champagne site, and posted on Goodreads, though I have yet to see it appear on an Amazon or B&N search. Anyone know how long that takes?


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