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internet access at Minicon 48

If you have a room at the hotel, you'll have access to both wired & wireless access in your room. The first time you connect to the "GlobalSuiteWireless" network, a browser window (or equivalent) should pop up asking you for a name the room is under & room number. You'll have the option of using their complimentary internet access or paying $10.95/day for "enhanced" access, though we've not found any details on what the enhancements are. You'll be given a code at that time which is good for access for 24 hours-- you'll want to make note of that code to use it wherever you roam in the hotel.

If you don't have a room at the hotel, you can still make use of wireless internet throughout the hotel. Lobby access is reportedly unrestricted & free. If you connect to the "Meeting" network, you'll need to select a meeting room ("Bloomington" or "Edina" are usually safe bets, doesn't really matter what room you're actually in) and they'll ask for a name (use whatever you want), and then you can give "MINICON" as the passcode and should be able to connect to the network.


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Mar. 30th, 2013 09:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for the detailed instructions.  Made setting up my tablet a piece of cake.
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