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Minicon Programming Schedule

If you've signed up for Minicon Programming panels, you should have received your schedule. Please contact the programming department at programming@minicon47.mnstf.org if you have not yet received your schedule, or if you have any other programming issues.

Here is a link to our Programming Grid. http://tinyurl.com/7lsts9g

Here is a link to our Chronological Program Book Content with Descriptions, including all panelist names. http://tinyurl.com/ccluk29

We're using a brand new beautiful database, and the room assignments have very recently changed. Because of this, there may be errors. We've done our best to correct as many issues as possible, but please be kind as we work out the bugs.

As you may or may not have heard, Minicon will be primarily held in the short tower of the Doubletree Hotel this year. Programming Rooms will be on the second floor of the short tower. All panelists are encouraged to meet with other panelists in the programming Green Room before their panel(s). The programming green room is in room 452, also in the short tower.


This is the official Livejournal community for Minicon, a science fiction convention that has been around for more than forty years. The Minnesota Science Fiction Society (mnstf) puts on the convention each year, usually on Easter weekend in or near Minneapolis.

Minicon 52 will be held April 14-16, 2017 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

For more information, check out the links that follow and the user info for this community.

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