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Yesterday, I received word from Former Minicon Guest of Honor Spider Robinson.

His daughter Terri has been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Terri and her husband Heron live in Ohio, where he works a very demanding schedule with lots of overtime.

Spider Robinson has asked that I pass along a link to his daughter's blog, http://gracefulwomanwarrior.com/

He writes:

There they will find what I find to be a strikingly well-written blog by Terri, documenting what she’s going through on a daily basis. (“Graceful woman warrior” is the literal meaning of the name my wife gave Terri in the womb, Luanna....a name she changed to Terri when she was 12 years old.) (If your kid wants to change her name, and you’re called Spider, you haven’t got a leg to stand on....)

They will also find there opportunity to make donations, which would be most welcome. Heron had been working for Honda for less than a year when Terri was diagnosed—they had just moved into their present home—so their health insurance is....well, less than terrific, even by American standards, with a very high deductible.

As an update from the programming department, some of you may know that there had been some discussion about the possibility of Spider Robinson attending Minicon 47 by Skype. That may or may not happen, depending on the need for him to babysit his very active two year old granddaughter while his daughter receives medical treatment. Much more than we would enjoy his company at our convention, we would like for his daughter and her family to have every opportunity for an effective, efficient and unexciting recovery. Whatever will be will be.

Please help if you can, and feel free to pass this along where appropriate.


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