Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in minicon,
Laurel Krahn

Friday @ Minicon 46

Registration will be open from 10am 'til 10pm on Friday and is located on the second floor just in front of where you get off of the escalators from the first floor. During the day and evening, that's also the place to go if you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions.

Once again we have put our Dealers' Room, Science Room, and Art Show all together (more or less) in the large ballroom. The Dealers' Room, Science Room, and Art Show will be open from 3pm 'til 7pm on Friday.

The first program items start at 4pm. The TV Room starts showing video at 4pm. Opening Ceremonies will be at 7pm in the Edina Room on the second floor. The first concert of the evening is at 8:30pm.

The consuite will open at 3pm on Friday and stay open continually until 4pm Sunday. The Bar portion of the consuite will open at 5pm each day of the con and stay open 'til "volunteers drop" If all volunteers wander off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, the consuite will reopen at 8am. In the past if the consuite has closed, it's usually just been for a couple of hours before 8am, but it really depends on who is still up and about at all hours of the con.

If you're new to this stuff, the consuite is where you'll find food, drink, and conversation throughout the convention. It's the social hub of the con and a good place to volunteer or seek out information after the registration desk closes. The consuite is located in the same space it's been in for the last few years-- in the two large suites on the second floor at the hot tub end of the pool area. The Bar is in the suite nearest the hot tub, the more food oriented section of the consuite is the suite located closer to the pool.

Check the website, the pocket program, and/or the program book for more details. As far as the schedule goes, the pocket program info is more current than the program book and any changes since the pocket program was printed will be posted at the con and/or printed in the Bozo Bus Tribune.
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