Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in minicon,
Laurel Krahn

things seem to be progressing nicely

The truck just arrived at the Sheraton and they're just opening it up. They got things done ahead of schedule thanks to having enough or more than enough volunteers for the journey thus far. Thanks to everybody who helped!

Per John Scalzi's twitter feed, he's arrived in Minnesota.

Matthew Strait reports that he intends to have badges available starting at 8pm in/near the consuite. If you've pre-registered, a nice perk of showing up to pitch in on Thursday night is that you can pick up your badge early. They may have program books too. The program schedule is on the website. And you can also check out a PDF of the program book ahead of time if you can't make it out to the hotel tonight.

It's as if Minicon is happening or about to get started. Yay! Thanks to everyone who is helping make it happen this year!
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