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internet access, twitter

Keith Malgren reports that "All sleeping rooms in the Sheraton now have free internet access." Woohoo!

I'm assuming both ethernet and wifi as that was what was in the rooms previously when you had to pay for access; will confirm once I get to the hotel or someone else can report here in comments.

This is a change due to the change in ownership of the hotel, I guess. Anyone know if there's free wifi elsewhere in the hotel nowadays? I'll report back once I check in, but I won't be heading over to the hotel 'til this evening. Maybe DodoNet won't have to fly this year, but I'll bring appropriate gear just in case.

At this point I'm still in charge of the @minicon twitter account; I'll try to pass along useful info as I get it during the con. Send tips/suggestions to @minicon or via email to lakrahn@gmail.com. I suppose #m46 would be a logical and short hashtag to use this weekend if people want to do so when posting to twitter about Minicon 46.


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Apr. 26th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
I didn't stay at the hotel, and was not able to use the wireless access because it wanted a passcode or a room number.

I know a lot of hotels are willing to open up the wireless access to all con participants during con weekends and it would be really nice to see Minicon negotiate that for future cons. It's really not a major imposition on the hotel and seems like it could just be a given: all con attendees get whatever passcode is needed for full access, both in guest rooms and in the dealer's room, etc.
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