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truck timetable and set up at hotel

Minicon 46 co-chair kaustin just left here to head over to Dreamhaven. He informs me that the schedule for schlepping things today is approximately:

1pm - Gather at Dreamhaven. Spend maybe an hour or less loading stuff into truck. Update: Kevin says they left Dreamhaven at around 1:15pm.

Then spend about two hours at the storage locker which is at nine70 Pelham in St. Paul. They probably don't need additional help there, but if you know the drill and are available they surely won't object to help. They had enough help and got it done ahead of schedule!

He thinks the truck will arrive at the Sheraton at 4pm or thereabouts if all goes well. Mileage and travel time may vary. As of 3:15pm, the truck is at the hotel and they're just opening it up. Woot! Thanks to everyone who helped things go so smoothly so far.

If you want to help unload the truck at the hotel, your best bet is to loiter near where the consuite will be at 4pm 3pm or so or later. Whenever you can get there. Consuite will be in the usual space, that is the two big suites on the second level at the far end of the pool. Farthest away from the front desk, hotel bar, etc. that is. There should be people there working and hanging out tonight.

I'm sure they'll be needing help setting up art show panels and all that fun stuff in addition to unloading stuff into the consuite. Want to help and don't know where to start? Ask one of the people who seems to have a task already or you could always pester kaustin-- he'll be the blonde guy rushing around doing stuff; today he's wearing a red Disney Hawaiian shirt and sometimes his leather Minnesota Twins coat.

Anyone have further details? or questions? Post 'em in comments here.
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