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If you're attending Minicon...

... and you enjoy reading, writing, talking about Time Travel - we're actively looking for more panelists on the following fascinating panel topic. I proposed the panel, so I also get to moderate it. Unfortunately, one of our panelists had to drop off because (ironically enough) he was unable to time-travel around a schedule conflict. Go figure.  Anyway, Programming's stated policy is that additional panelists can be added to any panel up until 5 minutes after the panel starts. So if you're interested you can reply here, talk to me or Programming (mle292 ) or show up at the beginning of the panel and if there are still empty chairs up there, volunteer on the spot. It should be fun.

Time Traveler’s Conclave - 7:00PM Saturday - Veranda 5 /6
Okay now listen up!  We've got a lot to cover tonight, so let's finish up by going over the rules of time travel. 
1)Don't create a paradox. 
2)Don't worry about paradoxes, the universe will stop you before it becomes an issue. 
3)Don't worry about the universe, there are plenty more where that came from. 

Next on the agenda - Where is last month's meeting going to be?  To put it more specifically, where will you go to meet other time travelers?  And first things first, we need to define the responsibilities of the Time Agents. If everyone is trying to kill Hitler, who's going to handle crowd control in early 20th century Germany?  Let's work out a plan to solve some of this mess, or at least discuss some of the more clever ideas.

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