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Minicon Registration and Hotel Information

The Minicon Registration deadline is fast approaching. Until March 31, the pre-registration rate is only $45, a significant savings over the $60 at the door rate. Here's more information about Minicon Registration.

In addition to the registration deadline, the deadline for the best rate on hotel rooms is also only two days away.

Until March 31, hotel rooms are a mere $89 for either regular rooms or poolside cabanas. After March 31, it will be $94 for regular rooms and $99 for cabanas. There are still a few cabana rooms left for Minicon, but not many. The remaining cabana room occupants will be under no obligation to host a party.

Folks who already have a standard hotel room reservation and would like to swap their room for a cabana room should contact parties at minicon46 dot mnstf dot org within the next day or two.

Folks who don't yet have a room reservation and would like a cabana room should go to the Hotel Site, and book any room at the Minicon rate of $89. After you receive your confirmation number, contact parties at minicon46 dot mnstf dot org as soon as possible.

Folks who would like a regular hotel room should simply reserve a room at the Hotel Site

Any problems with hotel rooms or rates should be reported to hotel at minicon46 dot mnstf dot org These problems are easily fixed, but only if we know about them.



This is the official Livejournal community for Minicon, a science fiction convention that has been around for more than forty years. The Minnesota Science Fiction Society (mnstf) puts on the convention each year, usually on Easter weekend in or near Minneapolis.

Minicon 52 will be held April 14-16, 2017 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

For more information, check out the links that follow and the user info for this community.

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