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A poll about beer

I am reposting this poll. I suspect that because I originally created the poll as a private entry so that I could edit it easily, it doesn't want to let anyone but me vote. I also have an update, we've just got word that this project is a go! Hooray for beer!

This is a poll for those of you who plan to attend Minicon 46. There will be two kegs of home brewed beers at the convention. We've already started on one beer, a Nut Brown Ale. This Brown Ale is based on the recipe for Pete's Wicked Ale. PWA is a sweet, earthy beer with subtle flavors that are described as buttery, with a hint of raisins.

This poll is to help us choose a second beer. We've narrowed it down to these four, they are arranged with the most complex flavors first. Here is a brief description of the options.

  • West Coast IPA - An American version of an India Pale Ale, similar to Pike's IPA. This is a full-bodied, malty beer with complex hop flavors and an aroma that is floral, herbal, and spicy.
  • Irish Red Ale - An amber colored smooth, sweet, caramel beer with a roasty malt flavor.
  • Bavarian Wheat - Patterned after ale styles of Southern Germany. This is a pale ale with citrusy tones from a yeast that is uncommon to other wheat beers.
  • Boundary Waters Wheat - A clean, crisp, refreshing beer with minimal secondary flavors.

  • We'll probably brew on Sunday afternoon of this weekend, but no later than Tuesday of next week. Get your vote in as soon as possible!

    Poll #1680668 Minicon 46 Beer

    Which of these beers most appeals to you?

    West Coast IPA
    Irish Red Ale
    Bavarian Wheat
    Boundary Waters Wheat
    I don't like beer, but I like the clicky.

    As for there now being two polls, with votes already cast in the comments of the previous entry, I will double check and make sure that everything from the previous entry is counted.
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