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A poll about beer

There's an update. See the more recent entry

Hello! This is a poll for those of you who plan to attend Minicon 46. We're still working on seeing if it can happen, but there is the possibility that there will be two kegs of home brewed beers at the convention. Because beer takes several weeks to ferment, we need to hurry up and get to brewing.

We've already started on one beer. In the event that this works out, one will be a Nut Brown Ale. This Brown Ale is based on the recipe for Pete's Wicked Ale. PWA is a sweet, earthy beer with subtle flavors that are described as buttery, with a hint of rasins.

This poll is to help us choose a second beer. We've narrowed it down to these four, they are arranged with the most complex flavors first. Here is a brief description of the options.

  • West Coast IPA - An American version of an India Pale Ale, similar to Pike's IPA. This is a full-bodied, malty beer with complex hop flavors and an aroma that is floral, herbal, and spicy.
  • Irish Red Ale - An amber colored smooth, sweet, caramel beer with a roasty malt flavor.
  • Bavarian Wheat - Patterned after ale styles of Southern Germany. This is a pale ale with citrusy tones from a yeast that is uncommon to other wheat beers.
  • Boundary Waters Wheat - A clean, crisp, refreshing beer with minimal secondary flavors.

We'll probably brew on Sunday afternoon of this weekend, but no later than Tuesday of next week. Get your vote in as soon as possible!

Even if it doesn't work out to bring kegged beer this year, this poll is still relevant. We'll bring some bottles to share, just like we have in the past.
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