Kevin G. Austin (kaustin) wrote in minicon,
Kevin G. Austin

Minicon 46 Guest of Honor change

[stolen from Joel's announcement on Facebook]

Hi everyone,
I have some unfortunate news about Minicon 46. Charles Stross our Author Guest of Honor will not be able to attend due to a family medical emergency. I know all of you out there like us here at Minicon wish his family the best.

Do not fear, though it is sad we have lost our intended Guest of Honor to family necessity we do have an author who has agreed to step in for Charlie last minute like this. I'd like to thank John Scalzi for graciously giving up his limited free time to fill in for Charlie at Minicon 46. Lets all welcome him with open arms and prayers for Charlie's family as well.

Thank you

Joel Phillips
co-chair Minicon 46
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