Matthew Strait. Wait, too clear, I mean — Aaaahhh! (quadong) wrote in minicon,
Matthew Strait. Wait, too clear, I mean — Aaaahhh!

Minicon History

I'm working on a project to get all of the old Minicon program books up on the web. You might be interested in the results of this project so far. Books that are available in their entirety are at:

Others are partially available. I trust you can figure out how to find them!

Interested in helping out with this project? The most useful thing you could do would be to find people you know on the list of copyright holders at and ask them:

"Is it ok with you for Minn-stf to redistribute your contributions to Minicon publications as we like? Or alternatively, would you allow us to redistribute them under some restrictions you name? (We're very flexible.)"

Or something to that effect.
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