May 16th, 2013

  • mle292

Programming Progress

A brief progress report from the Minicon 49 Programming Department:

We will not be short of ideas this year. Our Programming Brainstorming Page already has more than 30 items, and we haven't yet begun actually soliciting ideas.

You may have seen that Minicon 49 is being advertised as a 3.5 day convention, April 17.5-20. Consuite and Registration will have extended Thursday hours, and other departments have the option of expanding into Thursday.

I would like some feedback about whether or not programming should expand into Thursday for M49.

  • If there was to be programming on Thursday, would you attend it?

  • If you do like the idea of Thursday programming, what sorts of things would you like to see on Thursday? - Standard panel discussions? Interactive art? Round table events? A mix of each?

  • Whether or not you like the idea of Thursday programming, is there any programming that you would prefer *not* happen on Thursday?

Please feel free to reply here or at the linked Facebook post, or send your suggestions to If you prefer to discuss ideas in person, there will be a open programming brainstorming meeting sometime in the fall, most likely in October.