March 14th, 2013


Pre-Minicon Work Party, Wednesday, March 27

OK, it's only two weeks away. Here are my current plans, in case anyone wants to know.

My understanding is that anyone may attend, as long as they will work if needed. Jonathan and I certainly welcome anyone. Kids who can be left unattended may watch movies in the TV room if they wish--we have lots of Disney plus other animation, Star Wars, etc. Other kids are welcome on a wrangle-your-own basis. (This house is not in any way child-proofed.)

This house is smoke-free but not cat-free, and not guaranteed mouse-free (sigh--though we haven't seen any signs lately and no one has caught one recently).

Since the work party officially starts at 6, there will be dinner. There will be chili with ground beef (and beans!) and vegan chili. It would be helpful to know roughly how much of each type to make, so if anyone wants to send me an email or comment here saying you will or won't be here for dinner, and if so which you prefer, great. Accompaniments are the usual: tortillas, saltines, cheese, sour cream, jalapeno slices.

We will have pop--because of sales, mainly Coke products. We will have some beer--so far I have Killian's Irish Red and a Schell's sampler. We have a Keurig-type Mr. Coffee and people can make coffee (much variety) or tea (limited variety) by the cup. Our liquor supply will be open, but we don't have a lot or a big selection at the moment. Your contribution of any of these types of drinkable is welcome! (Oh, we also have Chippewa spring water in a cooler.)

There will be the usual munchies of various kinds, depending on what is available at Costco, what I have coupons for or is on sale other places, and what I bake. Again, contributions of munchies are welcome!

Our son has to go to work the next day, so we will ask for no music or raucousness after 10 p.m., but people sure don't have to leave that early.

We are at 3328 Colfax Ave S, Mpls.

Am I forgetting anything?